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Date: 04/15/13 16:00:00

Dans le cadre des séminaires de recherche du GERME et en collaboration avec le MAM (Migration, Asile, Multiculturalisme), nous vous invitons à la conférence :

 "Framing Immigrant Integration.Dutch Research-Policy Dialogues in Comparative Perspective"

Le titre de cette conférence est basé sur l'ouvrage de Peter SCHOLTEN:

SCHOLTEN, P. (2012). “Framing Immigrant Integration. Dutch Research-Policy Dialogues in Comparative Perspective”, IMISCOE Research: Amsterdam University Press


lundi 15 avril, à 16h00

Salle Henri Janne (15e)



This book is the product of my broader reflections on the dialogue between migration and migration policymaking. With it, I intend to contribute to a better empirical and theoretical understanding of research-policy dialogues on intractable policy controversies such as immigrant integration.
In this respect, I consider immigrant integration a revelatory case as it represents a policy domain in which traditional ideas about policymaking and the role of social research within it have been seriously challenged.
Furthermore, I intend to contribute to shaping more reflective research-policy dialogues in this field in the future. Clearly, both governments and researchers are struggling to come to terms with the ‘wicked’ problem, yet there appears to be little progress in terms of taming the ongoing controversies on immigrant integration. This study may not necessarily provide a resolution for the problem of immigrant integration, but it does bring about more reflexivity in the related dialogues.