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Laura Odasso

Postdoctoral Researcher (Marie Curie Fellow) /Chercheure post-doc (Bourse Marie Curie)

CV to be downloaded: PDF


 +32/2/650 34 24

office: S14-204


Postdoctoral Research Title: 

AMORE : Awareness & Migration: Organizations for bi-national family Rights Empowerment 

Supervisor: Andrea Rea

Publications & Activities:  on DI-fusion (ULB)

Last activities:

Nov.27, 2015. Matinée d'échanges et des réflexions sur la double violence La lutte des femmes migrantes contre la violence conjugale. Présentation de la platforme ESPER (Epouses Sans Papiers En Resistance) et de l'outil : Migrant-e et victime des violences conjugales, Centre Amazone, Bruxelles. 

Nov.5-6, 2015. Poster presentation: Binational family policies and practices in Belgium, France & Italy:  Challenges of bottom-up actions at the International Conference of COFACE on "Families beyond borders", Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nov.12-13, 2015. Poster presentation: Border-network & Migration of contact. Intermarriages in Belgium, France & Italy at the International Conference "New research challenges on intermarriage and mixedness in Europe and beyond", Université Paris-Sorbonne, France.

Jun.8, 2015, Working Paper On line 1/2016 Project INTEGRIM «Do We Need Belonging? A plea for mixity»Scientific Thematic Workshop “From Race to Culture. Changes in Ethnic Studies and its Repercussions on Belonging and Identity Politics », of the, Work Package: Identity and Cultural Integration, University of Deusto, Bilbao

Ongoing projects:

State encounters over the world: a transatlantic comparison of professional norms and practices of the polices and bureaucratic agencies related to migration policies

Funding: FNRS (Scientific cooperation between MINCyT-Argentina & FWB-Belgium)
Coordinator: Pierre PETIT(ULB)
Researchers: Laura ODASSOMaité MASKENSBarbara TRUFFIN
Partners: Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Argentina)
Duration: 1/03/2015-1/03/2017