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Araa Al Jaramani

Post doctoral Researcher - Khaled Al As'ad grants (ULB)


+32/2/650 34 48

office: S14-119


I am a postdoc researcher at the Group for research on Ethnic Relations, Migration and Equality (GERME, Institute of Sociology, ULB), funded by a Khaled Al As'ad grant (ULB).
I study the Syrian feminist movements and their relationship with the Arab Spring, through the prism of their activities on online social networks.
My previous research on the topic focussed on Arabic feminist literature, in collaboration with the Arab Reform Initiative (in Paris and Beirut).
I hold a PhD in Arabic Literature and criticism (Damascus University, Syria, 2012), and worked as a lecturer at Euphrates Univerity (Syria, 2008-2012), freelance journalist, and script writer.
Fleeing from war and injustice in Syria, I found asylum in the Netherlands, where I founded the "Syrian Women in the Netherlands SVNL", a NGO for the empowerment of Syrian women refugees. 

Supervisor: Matteo Gagliolo