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Djordje Sredanovic

Djordje Sredanovic

Postdoctoral Researcher/Chercheur post-doc (Action de recherche concertée Migrations Asile Multiculturalisme)

CV to be downloaded: PDF



Current research: 

The implementation of nationality, citizenship and integration legislation in Belgium and the UK, research conducted within the project “Under the Paradigm of the Merit and the Cultural Conformity: The New Integration and Migration Policies in Europe”, of the Migrations Asylum Multiculturalism interdisciplinary research group

Main research interests and representative publications: 

1) Everyday citizenship - the visions and uses of citizenship of ordinary people

Sredanovic, Djordje (2014) Culture or Taxes? The Conceptions of Citizenship of Migrants and Local Factory Workers in Italy, Citizenship Studies, 18(6-7): 676-689. [link]

Sredanovic, Djordje (2014) Quel est la valeur de la nationalité/citoyenneté en Italie? Résultats d’une recherche auprès des migrants et des ouvriers italiens à Ferrare, Migrations Société, 153-154: 47-61. [link]

Della Puppa, Francesco and Sredanovic, Djordje (forthcoming) Citizen to Stay or Citizen to Go? Naturalization, Security, and Mobility of Migrants in Italy, Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies [early view]

2) Street-level bureaucracy and implementation

3) Citizenship legislation in historical and political perspective

Sredanovic, Djordje (2016) Political Parties and Citizenship Legislation Change in EU28 Countries, 1992—2013, International Political Science Review, 37(4): 438-452. [link]

4) The representation of migrants and minorities in the media

Sredanovic, Djordje and Farina, Filomena Gaia (2015) ‘Can the Youth of Migrant Background Speak?’ The Jus Soli Debate in Italian Print and Television Journalism, Journal of Intercultural Studies, 36(6): 693-709. [link]

Sredanovic, Djordje (2016) The 2012 killings of Chinese citizens in Rome and the ambivalence of Italian journalism, Patterns of Prejudice, 50(1): 61-81. [link]

5) The social dimension of rights

Sredanovic, Djordje (2015) La natura multidimensionale e contestuale dei diritti: operai a Ferrara, Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa, 8(3): 513-534. [link]

Full list of publications:  on DI-fusion (ULB)